1. The rock crushing physical laboratory of training and research
    / No. 2-7B /
    Type of activity:
    - The class laboratory studies of rock physics and crushing;
    - Preparation and experiment;
    - To study rock physical properties, mechanical;
    - Research is needed to identify the material norms of depreciation fast;
    - Rock particle analysis;
    - Determine the composition of the atmosphere;
    - Research and test development;

               H.MI202 rock physics, H.MI203 rock crushing, H.MI263 crushing of rock physics lessons to students of laboratory experiments go knowledge of academic exercise, to strengthen, and undergraduate and postgraduate students in academic and research work to outside agencies cooperate in the context of jobs, such as participating in the assignment process. A laboratory equipped with the following hardware.

Rock crushes physical training, research laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Year of Production





Stone cutting tools




Stone grinders, sample preparation equipment




Calculation hole dense rock samples and determine porous nature




The valley and define waves and produce a result




Rock determine erosion properties




Calculation of rock compressive strength determined




Determine the grain size of the crushed rock screening method




Air content identification tools



Test results are processed as follows.
- Coefficient of rock strength. /M. M. Protodiyakonov and L. I. Barons category/;
- Compression, tensile and shear strength limit along the axis;
- Interruptions and bending strength limit;
- Brittleness factor;
- Deformation resistance;
- Friction along a single axis of power;

- Internal friction angle;
- Bulk weight;
- Specific weight;
- Porosity;
- The absorption of water into rock;
- The rock cracks and hardness;
- Young's modulus;
- Poisson's ratio;
- Deformation modulus;
- Plasticity modulus.


                                                         Figure 1. Rock crushes physical laboratory of training and research


Figure 2. Rock crushes physical laboratory of training and research          

Laboratory of mining program and design / No. 2-30 class /
The purpose of this laboratory is to teach and train engineers, to conduct research and "Mining technology" to provide opportunities for vocational training programs in specialized subjects , and possession of mining projects, calculation and mining method for students to perform special programs and mentoring.
Students basic professional courses be studied with partner Gemcom,  Micromine Mongolia,  Deswik companies are Gemcom Surpac, Micromine Pitram, held workshops on mining professional programs such as Deswik. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the laboratory is used for calculation of slope stability training renewed research Phase II, Slide programs. And can be used in the 2015-2016 academic year mine ventilation basic software Ventsim program.  Department of mining technology- / early / or its activities by the mining project research center based training are held by the official rights to use these programs.
The laboratory is a fully done, a total of 28 volumes of a comprehensive settlement computers equipped exercise and training.

Mine planning laboratory /T-206 class/

A laboratory for the mining design courses using In the laboratory, "a mining technology" program, students are under the training plan to use the Internet environment under S.CS101 Computer software I, S.CS102 Computer software II use in the classroom lesson plan and Microsoft's applications, H.CS205 Mine planning automation academically according to the standard plan learns AutoCAD programs.The laboratory is equipped with all facilities 35 piece set of computers, desks and equipment held training chair.


                                     Figure. All programmed mining project design and design lab

2. Laboratory of  Mine Project and Planning  / 2-211 class /
Micromine Mongolia LLC designed for corporate capital investment.


                Figure 7. Macromine software lab


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