The Department of mining was established in 1972. Since its founding the Department of Mining has developed into the nation’s top mining and minerals engineering program. Our research and teaching is related to the understanding and management of the Mining.

The department offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. For postgraduates, we offer focused research programs. In addition, the department offers joint bachelor degrees program 2+2 with:

  1. The university of Arizona
  2. Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
  3. Moscow State Mining University

A large number of research papers have been published in national and international journals.

The departments, undergraduate and graduate programs expose students to an extensive range of studies that comprise “Mining technology”, “Minerals processing technology”,” Mining mechanical equipment”, “Mining electric equipment”, “Mining management” .

The Departments program has one of the highest job placement rates at the university.

The department has considerable industrial interaction with all the major mining establishments in Mongolia. The Department of mining organizing an annual conference for students and researchers,  scientists. Highly trained engineers and scientists are needed by the minerals industry now and in the future.

The Department of mining  now has equipped research centers and laboratories in the following areas:

  1. Center of ecology and sustainable development.



  1. First name, Last name: Dorjsuren, Yandagsuren
    Position: Lecturer
    Research interests: Electrical drive system, electrical motor, Power electronics.
    Location: Main campus of MUST, 2-216


  1. First name, Last name: ORKHONTUUL Borya
    Academic degree: PhD
    Position: Lecturer
    Research interests: Mining transportation
    Location: Main campus of MUST, 2-221c


  1. First name, Last name: BATBOLD Battogtokh

          Academic degree: Ph.D

 Position: Associate Professor
 Research interests: Mining technology, Mining Design, Rock  Fragmentation, Mining environment
 Location: Main campus of MUST, 2-23


  1. First name, Last name: ZULZAYA Galkhuu
    Academic degree: M.Sc
    Position: Lecturer
    Research interests: REE enrichment technology research
    Location: Main campus of MUST, 2-22b


  1. First name, Last name: IJILMAA Jambaa

       Academic degree: M.Sc
       Position: Senior Lecturer

       Research interests: Underground mining technology, Underground mining ventilation,  Underground development technology, 

       Location: Main campus of MUST,1-227


  1. First name, Last name: MUNKHNASAN Khukhuudei

        Academic degree: M.Sc
        Position: Lecturer
        Research interests: Open pit mining technology, Rock fragmentation, IPCC, Mining design, Mining planning, Mining development.
        Location: Main campus of MUST, 2-23

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Department of Mining
School of Geology and Mining Engineering
Mongolian University of Science and Technology

Main Campus of MUST, Baga Toiruu 34, Sukhbaatar   
District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Department Head and Professor: Khavalbolot Kelgenbai


Tel: 00976   11 - 312485 

Хөгжүүлсэн: Е-Нээлттэй Институт, Мэдээллийн технологийн төв.