Message from the Director


The history of the School of Geology and Mining started in 1960 through the establishment of  Department of Geology with students from the Department of Geography of the National University of Mongolia in order to prepare domestically trained highly educated professionals in the minerals resources sector. Until now, in total of nearly 9800 professionals are trained in various fields of geology, mining, petroleum, geodesy and related disciplines which many of them matured into leading specialists in their area of expertise. During the past 60 years, our University has been developing into a leading geology, mining and geodesy training, research and innovation center in Mongolia. Our scholars and lecturers are satisfied with the fact that engineers graduated from our university with bachelor’s master’s and doctorate degree in the fields of mining and geology are leading the country’s development and raising the reputation of the University. Our staff at the School of Geology and Mining are diligently working to prepare industrial experts and scholars who are internationally competitive with abilities to develop research and production skills based on knowledge and innovation that meet with the main goals of MUST. We feel the market demand, train experts and researchers who are competitive at home and abroad, train engineers who are capable of contributing to the country’s economic development by supporting intellectual creativity rooted on innovation and provide efficient and stable scientific services for the transfer of new technologies into training and production. Lets develop mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields of engineering and technology and work together to support and develop science. I wish success to all the professors, lecturers, staff and students who are working hard to develop their native school aiming at establishing an open university based on research, training, production and innovation. May your scholarly work spread the knowledge and skills.

K. Khavalbolot

Director of School of Geology and Mining

Холбоотой цэсүүд